Family Hike With Salamanders And Caves

Family-friendly Hike Nature Walk

Sat. Jun 3

10:30 am


12:30 pm

2 miles


This will be a fun, casual family hike featuring salamanders and the so-called Council Caves. Hills are moderate, though kids will enthusiastically clamber up the enormous rock formation that is the Council Caves (which are not actually caves). We’ll see some eastern newts in the pond along the way, and probably a few red-backed salamanders under rocks and logs. We may also encounter frogs, turtles, wild raspberries, and mountain laurel in bloom.
This should be a good hike for kids aged 4-8 plus parents, though younger and older kids are certainly welcome if the description of the hike sounds appropriate. Take note that the height and rough edges of the “cave” rock formation call for caution and close supervision of children to avoid falls and scrapes.
The hike is to the caves and back. The caves are a nice spot to stop and rest, so I suggest that hikers pack a lunch/snack to enjoy at the caves.

Event Leader(s)

Chris Barthel

(708) 402-8118

Meeting Location Details

We’ll meet at the intersection of E. Hartland Rd and Legeyt Rd. There is parking along the east shoulder of E. Hartland Rd. and on Legeyt Rd. The hike begins on the gravel road just across the street, on the west side of E. Hartland Rd.

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CFPA Blue-Blazed Hiking Trail

No Dogs Permitted