Brooksvale Park

Trail Maintenance

Sat. Jun 4

08:45 am


12:00 pm

2-3 miles roundtrip


We identify several trail maintenance projects of varying difficulty (easy to moderate) and assign volunteers to whichever ones they are best suited for. When we meet at the Veteran’s Building, we will describe the work to be done and divide into groups. Gloves and tools will be provided, but if you have an additional shovel or lopper you can bring, that would be appreciated. Distance to/from sites for trail maintenance may vary, but should be less than three miles.

Event Leader(s)

Steve Updegrove

(203) 494-2800

Vinny Lavorgna


Rain Date


Organization Partners

Meeting Location Details

Please park in the parking lot to the left of the entrance to the Park proceed up the road to the Veterans Building.

Click on the red map pin for the event address.

No Dogs Permitted