Richter Park Challenge And Nature Walk

Family-friendly Hike Nature Walk

Sat. Jun 4

10:00 am


03:00 pm

1 mile to 5 miles


This is an introduction to the Farrington Trail System at Richter Park. There will maps for those who want to explore on their own and guided tours for those who don’t. Please bring water, sunscreen and insect repellant and wear sturdy footwear.  Bring your own lunch. If you didn’t bring your own, you can purchase some at the Cafe on the Green restaurant at the Club House. Remember to pack out what you pack in.

At 11 AM Steve Kerr will lead a nature walk showing many of the interesting plant, animal, geological and First-People features of Richter Park.

Do the Richter Challenge: Hike all the trails in the Farrington Trail System in the five hours of the event.

Description of the trails.

Yellow (circle) Trail (.6 mile/1 km) – This is an easy trail for beginners and little ones. It is a loop trail that has several overlooks one of Boggs Pond and another of the 13th hole on the golf course. A mountain laurel grove is one of the interesting features of this fun trail.

Red (square) Trail (1.8 mile/ 2.1 km) – The red trail is a moderate trail with 600 feet of elevation gain. There are some steep sections as the trail loops around Richter Mountain. The hiker is rewarded with beautiful vistas of the City of Danbury and West Lake at one overlook and of the Town of Southeast in New York State at another overlook. Bring your binoculars on this trail.

Blue (diamond) Trail (1.1 mile/ 1.8 km) – The Blue is moderate trail winding along the side of Boggs Pond with some rocky sections. There are many places for an angler to cast a line into Boggs Pond. If you didn’t bring your fishing gear, you still take in the beautiful vistas of Boggs Pond.

White (triangle) Trail (1.2 m/1.9) – Our newest trail, the White is a trail that climbs the front face of Richter Mountain to meet the Red Trail at the Danbury Overlook. It switches back and forth as it ascends 500 feet. There are beautiful views of the back nine holes of Richter Park Golf Course.

If you are an experienced hiker and up to a challenge, one can try to hike the entire (Yellow, Red, Blue and White Trails) in the five hours the event is open. Certificates will be awarded for completing the Richter Challenge.

Event Leader(s)

Russ Griemsmann

(203) 744-3417

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Meeting Location Details

Use the northernmost parking lot by the tennis courts. Follow the signs from the parking lot to the trailhead.

Click on the red map pin for the event address.

Great Park Pursuit Event

Leashed Dogs Permitted